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I always feel inspired when I talk to my friends about writing or literature in general. My English Literature professor also adds that writing is something I am good at.

Not giving much consideration about it I decided to apply for a poetry and journalistic club in my college and that was the moment when I totally fell in love with creative writing!

Being inspired I launched two blogs – one that deals with schooling and problems that students face during completing their writing assignments, and the other one that I use to blog about wonderful people and events in our world.

I write not only about celebrities from all around the world, but also about some writers, that are yet unknown but with an important topic of modern life. Whether it`s LGBT or Racial problems, Vegan or Eco-friendly communities` riots or just a simple topic dedicated to politics issues.

Next year I also want to apply for politics course in my college. Why not to have two majors if you can, right? Brian, 20, Portland, Maine.